UX Oxford: Tom Waterfall on “Lessons learned building a testing culture in an ecommerce startup “

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Having come over from heading up a optimisation services team vendor-side and doing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for about 8 years. Tom is going to share with us his lessons learned from joining a start -up …with everything from building a culture of testing, seeing the merits of a different sort of organisational structure and how that can positively and/or negatively impact a CRO program, trying to manage an abundance of SaaS products, the non-existence of best practice in a company with a unique offering, and dealing with a creative-first mindset.

Tom Waterfall has executed 1000s of experiments with 100s of companies across the globe. He now champions Conversion Rate Optimisation at Lost My Name (among other start-up responsibilities). Lost My Name’s goal? Share more magical moments with more children through the power of personalisation, storytelling, and of course – CRO.

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