Where does a product start and a service end? Does it matter? The rise of digital has brought product and service together. The bad news is that our products are now more complex than ever. The good news is that a set of methods for dealing with complexity has emerged. Through a series of detailed case studies, we’ll show how teams at large companies and startups are combining modern lean and agile tactics with service design methods to create and deliver new digital products—faster, with less risk, and with better customer outcomes than ever before.


Jeff is a super sharp interaction designer from New Jersey.

As director of user experience for TheLadders.com, Jeff worked at the Agile coalface, integrating design thinking into a traditional Agile process. Since then, Jeff has become one of the world’s leading proponents of Lean UX. His articles for Harvard Business Review catapulted Lean UX into the consciousness of the business world, something we’re all thankful for. Jeff’s work today mainly focuses on building and training evidence-based, customer-centered executive & product teams. These teams often utilise lean principles and agile software development.

Jeff is in huge demand as he travels the world coaching design teams on how to work more effectively.

Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden’s talk “Sense and Respond – Products and Services in the Age of Complexity”

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