Businesses need to figure out how to get more of the right things to market faster. Having got lean and agile, maximised their marketing spend and digitally transformed, what holds businesses back is their ability to agree what to do, and change.

Having worked with billion dollar businesses, Engine has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and the part that Service Design plays in change.

In Oliver’s talk he’ll share Engine’s approach to Design-led Change and set out a series of replicable competencies that agencies and businesses can master to get more of the right things to market faster.



As a co-founder and director of Engine, Oliver helps organisations to identify where, when and how they can deliver better, more meaningful and valuable services.

Oliver is a passionate advocate of co-creation, design thinking and helping organisations to help themselves through actively building their internal service design capabilities.

As a recognised pioneer in his field, he regularly speaks and writes internationally on service design and innovation. He is also a board Director of the Design Business Association.

Oliver King’s talk “Service Design – It’s Change, But Not As They Know It”

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