Stuart Langridge – Owner at Kryogenix Consulting, host of Bad Voltage podcast

A talk about bots, and how they shouldn’t pretend to be humans. About how user experience is more than just user interface. About language, and how a word can be worth a thousand pictures. About le mot juste. About where we go next.

The next wave of apps will be text. Amazon Alexa. Facebook Messenger. Telegram and WhatsApp chatbots, Twitter and Mastodon replies. The lion’s share of how a new app experience is perceived has always been intimately tied up with the visual design, even if maybe it shouldn’t always have been… but now, it’s all text. We don’t need artists for this; we need poets. Authors. Wordsmiths. Swap your Wacom for a fountain pen. Language is back.

About Stuart

Stuart is a consultant CTO and software architect to startups and small firms on strategy, custom development, and how to best work with the dev team. Code and writings are to be found at and @sil on Twitter; Stuart himself is mostly to be found hiding inside away from the terrible hot sunlight.

Stuart Langridge – The UX of Text at re:develop 2018

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