Speakers: Noah Levin – VP of Design, Figma Jordan Singer – Founder & CEO, Diagram Andrew Pouliot – ML Engineer, Diagram Vincent van der Meulen – Design Engineer, Diagram As an industry we’re in a transformative moment: how will AI shape our future and our work? That is exactly what we are tackling on the main stage with some of the most innovative thinkers on AI and product building. How can AI make designers more effective? What are the challenges and opportunities building with AI for design? We’ll talk about the history of generating UI with AI, how AI can make designers more effective, challenges and opportunities in building with AI for design, and breaking down barriers between design and code roles. We’ll share a deep dive – and demos – into the Diagram product evolution and tackle the evolving role of the designer in this future.

AI and the future of design: Designing with AI – Noah L, Jordan S, Andrew P, Vincent van der Meulen

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